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When our daughter, Penelope, was born in 2004, I was determined to breast feed her. The first few weeks were challenging, but once I had mastered the “latch” and the position of my nursing pillow I finally achieved some success... that is, untiI I started to get out and about. Then I was presented with a whole new set of challenges.
While waiting in the waiting room on my first trip to the doctor's office Penelope began to get hungry. With no nursing pillow in sight and my daughter growing increasingly impatient, I grabbed my diaper bag and draped a blanket over it, essentially converting it into a nursing pillow! At that moment, the idea for a convertible diaper bag was born.
- Patricia Peters. President, Warm Milk, Inc.

Our Company
The concept for Warm Milk sprung into our hearts and minds in a moment of need and evolved through love and dedication. Through thoughtful design, all of our products strive to incorporate innovative functionality that supports moms and dads in their quest to be the best parents they can be. Our signature, patented Baby Hobo Convertible Diaper Bag / Nursing Pillow is a fun, functional and fashionable diaper bag that quickly converts into a nursing support pillow. Its dual design (diaper bag/nursing pillow) provides an innovative solution for mothers on the go. With two quick zips the diaper bag reveals a soft, supportive pillow for nursing or bottle-feeding a baby. Modeled after the classic hobo bag, the Baby Hobo has style that appeals to all mothers. Whether in the market for a nursing support or a luxurious travel pillow tucked away in a trend setting diaper bag, the Baby Hobo is right for all!
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Patricia Peters, Founder, Designer & President Markus Peters, Co-Founder, Designer & Vice President Penelope Peters, Co-Inventor Axel Peters, Chief Pillow Tester and “Softness” Consultant
Patricia is a native of New York. Educated at Fordham University with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and English and an MBA from the Zicklin School of Business, Patricia’s heart for creativity and head for business made it inevitable that she would start her own company. Patricia has spent her entire professional career working in retail, holding executive level positions at Ralph Lauren and most recently for a high-performing specialty retailer. With the help and support of her artist husband, Markus, Patricia brought the concept of Warm Milk, Inc., and the Baby Hobo Convertible Diaper Bag to life. Drawing inspiration from her two children, 10 nieces and nephews, and children & babies all over the world, Patricia vows to keep reinventing the art of nursing and to bring the same level of innovation and design to other products in the Warm Milk line. Markus is also a native of New York. Educated at Colgate University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Painting, Markus brings a unique aesthetic and a lifetime of experience in the visual arts to Warm Milk. After living and making art in Florence, Italy, Markus spent the majority of his professional career as a documentary film editor in New York City working with, among others, the legendary filmmaker Albert Maysles and the Oscar Nominated filmmaker, Hava Beller. His German and Japanese heritage as well as extensive travels through the Far East, India, Europe and parts of Northern New Jersey, have all informed his creativity. When he is not working on Warm Milk, Markus enjoys spending time drawing with his children and making furniture for his wife, Patricia. Nursing requires teamwork and Penelope was a great partner. Her determination inspired the very first Baby Hobo bag.

As the Baby Hobo bag was in its development stages, we would bring home pillow fabric samples and then wait for one to go missing. As soon as that happened, we knew we had found the right material.